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About me

I am a software developer, technology enthusiast and a gamer from Finland with special interest towards developing lightweight applications and products. This site serves as a portfolio on which you will find listed and described some of the projects I've worked on.

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Steam Tracker

Steam Tracker is a Steam user and game tracking website powered by Spring Boot.
Steam Tracker utilizes Steam's API to track how much players have played their games each day, with game-specific statistics tracking in planning.

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Steam
  • PostgreSQL
  • API


ScapeLog was a third party client for the popular MMORPG RuneScape by Jagex designed to offer slight gameplay enhancing features for players.
Modifying of the game code was made possible by modifying classes' bytecode on the fly using agents and the ASM bytecode library.
Accessing the game's data was accomplished by injecting low profile event emitters into the client to keep third party footprint as small as possible.
Perhaps the most useful feature of ScapeLog was realtime experience gaining indicators which had been purely manual calculating until very recently
when the game's developers started offering a paid service to do experience gain tracking.
ScapeLog had so far been my biggest, longest and favourite project as it gave me a good introduction to Java bytecode and reverse engineering.
Development of ScapeLog has been halted after Jagex's announcement of the new C++ game client which supersedes the original Java client, making ScapeLog obsolete.

  • Java
  • JavaFX
  • Bytecode
  • CSS
  • MIT Licensed


go-sig is a databaseless image compositor service for RuneScape skill goals.
Players can enter their skill goals on the front page or by manually typing urls and go-sig will return them a composited
image with parsed information fetched from RuneScape's CSV highscores endpoint.
Upon visiting an image url go-sig uses the image's modification time to determine if the image should be updated,
this lets it operate without a database or worry about lost image files as they will simply be composited again if they are not found.

  • Go
  • Image composition
  • MIT Licensed


irkki-client is an event based IRC client library in progress written in Go.
irkki-client will feature a high-level API and support the most essential parts of IRC protocol.

  • Go
  • IRC


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